Why you should experience a Guided Visualisation

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Guided Visualisations

Guided Visualisations

What is Guided Visualisation you ask…

It’s a form of meditation where you are gently guided to either a peaceful place or through a journey.

The idea is to disengage from your own thoughts and from the outside world and surrender yourself to the ‘guide’ and the specific journey you are being ‘guided’ to. There are lots of misconceptions about meditation which make the idea of meditating appear daunting to many. Until you find a method of meditation that resonates with you and you are consistent with your practice, it definitely is a benefit to be guided by someone as you’re not left up to your own devices!

It is a step by step process of first mentally stepping out of your physical environment through breathing followed by words that take your mind gently and slowly to space. The space depends on the topic of the Visualisation. There are many to choose from depending on what you want to ultimately leave feeling. They are all designed to empower you, find inspiration within yourself and to find a peaceful and calm space you can always tap back in to. Some are designed to motivate, while others are designed to heal passed pain and hurt while others are designed to dissolve anxiety and bring you tranquillity.

You can do as many as you like with guides that you resonate with. Just ensure that you are with a trusted person and in a safe environment. They have a voice that is pleasant to your ears and a presence in which you can thrive. Allow yourself to surrender to it. Each journey, each person has their own unique and individual experience clearly depending on what you personally require and what you needed to liberate yourself from.

It is a nice activity to do on your own for your own self-care as well as with a friend. Your experience is private and sharing it is your option. It is a recommended activity to do within a team of employees as guided visualisations are a great way to release negativity, fears, self-doubt and stress.

Why not give it a try… if you haven’t already. And if you have… I definitely recommend you doing more… try different guides and experiences.


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