1:1 & Distant Sessions

Experience natural healing, strengthening
your own vital force
ki, qi, prana, mana, ruach, baraka)
with this gentle, stabilising method.


Reiki sessions are relaxing, nurturing and refreshing, and can be used in conjunction with any complementary or conventional treatment, as they will only help enhance the effects of such treatments.

Reiki healing heals the body and mind. It stimulates and reactivates the individual’s own naturally positive energy. This enables the individual to heal within, while they get their energy realigned and balanced to be their best optimum state.

These sessions can help all sorts of people in a number of ways: business leaders, teachers, medical professionals, parents, children, students and the elderly, you and me:

  • Relieving stress from personal and professional pressure
  • Rebalancing and revitalising mind and body and calming emotional upset
  • Promoting peaceful sleep and pain relief
  • Building self-confidence, promoting self-healing and self-love
  • Clearing emotional and negative thoughts and removing negative energy
  • Preparing the body for surgery and medical treatments
  • Healing the body from trauma or surgery
  • Providing comfort during loss or separation
  • Providing comfort from auto-immune ailments and chronic pain
  • Opening the heart to receive and give love
  • Helping de-stress students during exam time
  • Providing comfort during pregnancy and post delivery
  • Helping calm infants and children
  • Cleansing the aura and balancing the chakra

My aim to share my Reiki healing energy with as wide an audience as possible sees me offering Reiki in a number of different ways. Healing sessions are carried out in my studios, from your own home, or in the form of distant healing appointments. Distant healing is when neither party is physically in the same place.

To make yourself ready to receive Reiki healing, we have a 15 minute FREE consultation. 

Reiki Healing is a Hands-on or Hands-off natural and gentle healing therapy. The session is conducted with the client fully clothed and laying on a comfortable treatment. We will have a 5 minutes to discuss your needs and your desired outcome from the treatment. Followed by a 45-50 minute treatment, leaving time to discuss the session after.

Free Consultation (Phone)

Let’s have a chat to see how I may be of service to you. Together we will determine what areas of your life are affected by stress, anxiety, hurt or if it’s a physical pain or illness you seek comfort from. You will learn how Reiki can release these issues and bring you peace, inner-calm, mental clarity, and physical comfort.

This can be done via a phone call or a zoom chat. 

30 min consultation session
in the comfort of
your home or workspace.

Mondays 11am, 2pm & 9pm
Sundays 8:30pm & 9:15pm
Please get in touch for other times

Reiki 1:1
In person treatment)

4 x 60 minutes £280

(If booked as a single 1 hour session, £75 – Enquire direct)
Select & book at your preferred location

Reiki Healing is a Hands-on or Hands-off natural and gentle healing therapy.

Course of 4 Remote Healing or 4 Remote Guided Visualisations. You can use your 4 sessions for either of the services or a combination depending on your individual requirement. Freedom from stress, anxiety and other forms of emotional or physical discomfort is only achieved by a series of healing sessions. Book your healing journey and experience results leading to peace, inner calm and a positive mindset.

Kailash Centre
7 Newport St.
London NW8 7AA

Wednesdays 9am-2pm (Weekly)
Thursdays 5.30pm & 6.45pm (Monthly)

Reiki 1:1
Distant treatment)

Reiki and Energy can be received in the comfort of your own home. At the time of the appointment, I call you for 3 minutes to learn how you’re feeling and what we will be healing at that time. Once we are off the phone, you sit or lay down in a comfortable space scented with a diffuser or candles. Choose your relaxing music to play. Receive the beautiful healing that I am channeling to you. Call for more information.

£35 – 30 minutes
Select & book your preferred time

(Or book a block of 4 for £125)

30 min session
in the comfort of
your home or workspace.

Mondays 11am, 2pm & 9pm
Sundays 8:30pm & 9:15pm
Please get in touch for other times

Reiki Couples
In person treatment)

This gorgeous healing synchronises the hearts of both individuals while each one receiving their own complete healing. As you receiving you’re healing, the energy harmonises your hearts. It’s beautiful, it’s deep, its’ relaxing. You leave energised with your relationship energy revived. 

£195 – 90 minutes

Reiki Couples
(Online treatment)

Synchronising TWO Hearts while each of you receive your own individual healing. A wonderful, indulgent treat for couples at any stage and every phase of your relationship. Before you embark on your marital journey, renewing vows, need for reconnection, or a Valentine treat! 

£120 – 60 minutes

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