A balanced, healthy, happy, charged and optimistic team member at any level leads to a highly productive, successful and powerful team which ultimately leads to a solid, secure and successful organisation.

Corporates and organisations that take responsibility for the wellbeing of ‘their’ people are guaranteed a low employee turnover as well as a vibrant and thriving work environment.

To cultivate this culture of balance and optimism, I offer tailored in-house, holistic programmes to suit the needs of each member of the team as well as a team as a whole.

Reiki 1:1 Method and Benefits

These 1:1 sessions are 30 minutes duration.

The individual is sat fully-clothed on a chair while I perform hands-on reiki.

During the Reiki Session I will release emotional and mental blocks, balance the internal and external energy flow.

The benefits to the individual are:

  • calm and balanced emotions
  • clear and steady thoughts
  • improved relationships with colleagues and clients.

This release benefits the physical body bringing it comfort from aches and ailments.  These attributes can only increase the wellbeing of an organisation as a whole.

Guided Visualisations in Groups

These sessions have a very powerful impact on both, the individual and the group. The intensity of the energy that flows through this experience is unmatched.

The group is lead through a peaceful journey to release their fears and inhibitions.

They then make peace with any negative relationships within the organisation or with clients.

From this they emerge:

  • energetic
  • recharged
  • grounded
  • stable
  • optimistic.

This is an effective team building exercise when it comes to expressing and sharing their experience within the group.

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