Targeting Professional & Career Challenges 


Are you experiencing: Overwhelm, Anxiety, Discord with colleagues, Stress, Loss of Mojo & Low Motivation, Negative Energy, Low self-esteem,
or have found yourself on Career Crossroads?


A perfect balance of healing with Reiki, Breathwork and Bespoke Guided Meditations that help resolve conflict.  You will experience liberation from negative energy and thoughts that are holding you back from success! 

The sessions are carefully curated to each individual’s needs, ensuring that you are receiving the energy healing that will release the blocks;  learn breathwork techniques that will help you reduce your overwhelm and anxiety and as a result, give you mental clarity;  the guided meditations will help you reconnect with yourself and also assist in resolving conflicts you may have with colleagues and team members. 

Reboot! Program
– £390 

6 x 60 minute Reboot! Sessions delivered in person at St. John’s Wood or Marylebone.   

  • 1st 3 sessions are delivered weekly
  • Sessions 4-6 will be delivered bi-weekly. 

“I am children’s book author. I am known for my picture books that give children a sense of identity and belonging. I hope that my stories will help children centre and see themselves represented. As someone from an under-represented community, being heard and seen is important to me.

I met Anupa at a time when I needed someone to hold my space and help me to refocus and centre. Reiki has been wonderful for this. Anupa is a caring and empathetic practitioner. She held my space. She listened. She didn’t judge. We worked on realigning my chakras and affirmations, also on focus and direction.

After 4 sessions with her, I am now more energised, focused and resolute. These sessions have also helped with my writing projects as in one of our sessions, Anupa opened and cleared the blockage in my sacral chakra. Writers block is anxiety causing and something that all writers are afraid of. At the end of my 3rd session, I had a story idea and I am now working on this new story. At the end of my 4th, I decided to learn how Reiki works and will be taking classes with Anupa. I hope that one day, I will be able to help others heal as Anupa has helped me.”

  • Eva Wong Nava, Children’s Author 
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