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We attended a ‘Harmony of the Hearts’ Reiki Healing Session for Couples with Anupa as a gift for Valentines Day and it was simply wonderful. Anupa has such a positive and vibrant energy! She is also very professional and warm-hearted. We felt at peace from the very beginning of the session. It was an unique experience in which we were able to share love and positive energy. Anupa gave us two heart-shaped crystals that we “charged” with love and positivity during the session! We left feeling happy, relaxed and even closer to each other. We’d definitely recommend it to other couples.
Rebeca & Matteo

I was signed up for the Revitalise your Energy evening with Anupa, I was so excited to attend. On the day I ended up having tube issues where I went back home, I felt a moment of sadness when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Something told me I must go even if I was late I have to go. In the end I made it, I am so glad I went. The workshop was amazing and I felt so relaxed after it. I felt so energised and positive. Anupa was absolutely incredible, she has a calm and postive energy about her. She is an amazing coach.


gentle energy, free flowing, affirmations and a real sense of grounding… this is what I have experienced after 2 beautiful reiki sessions… thank you Anupa!


Her guided meditation is a really special experience and Anupa’s voice and energy is unique. I cannot wait to experience Reiki.

I had my first Reiki experience yesterday. Anupa knows how to make you feel welcomed and she set up everything perfectly for the senses. Reiki does rebalance energy and unblocks areas of the body. It is a very personal journey and Anupa is the perfect person to do it with. The whole session is a unique experience where you feel revitalised and more energised. It is a very mindful exercise that I am sure practiced regularly would prove very beneficial. Anupa spends time understanding what are the areas you want to focus on. She is a great listener and manages to summarise in her own words what I had in my mind. She has a real talent for this and I believe that I wouldn’t do Reiki with anyone else than her. I’ll recommend her to my clients.


Hi All! !
Just wanted to share with you all the experience I had when Anupa came around to my place for a Reiki healing session. She was very calm and professional in what she did.
I felt very relaxed and peaceful in myself. It was an amazing experience that I hadn’t had before.
Her aura was very healing. Thank you Anupa for giving me the opportunity to experience such calmness. 


I had a reiki session with Anupa , I was down with a bad case of flu and within a day of receiving her Reiki I was totally invigorated. Highly recommend Anupa, she brings so much positive vibes with her !


I have been meaning to try reiki for a while now and had my first session with Anupa Panjabi on Friday. What a great idea! She came to my home and was very professional, she talked to me about what she would be doing and explained what reiki is and how it works in channeling energy. It was so relaxing and calming, I almost fell asleep. I could feel heat on my body which I wasn’t expecting, and I really enjoyed the lovely soothing music!! After the session, I felt re-energised, re-balanced and relaxed! Anupa gave me feedback and called me the next day to see how I was feeling. I had an amazing night’s sleep and I’m still feeling great! I would thoroughly recommend Anupa.


My 1st & 2nd experience of reiki was with Anupa and it was delightful and impressive!
After each session I felt renewed and quite relaxed, as though a heavy load has been taken off of me. I will definitely be having another session pretty soon…


I came away feeling clear, relaxed and calm after the Reiki session with Anupa. Anupa has a relaxed and comforting approach to the healing she provided to me. She is patient and understands what is required before she starts healing and after as well. Would highly recommend if you want to feel mentally calm, energised and rejuvenated from her Reiki healing. Looking forward to having some more healing sessions with her.


Powerful Experience
Anupa is a gentle and gifted healer. She took time before and after my session to explain what she experienced in my energy. I had been feeling a lot of discomfort in my stomach for weeks and after my session I felt lighter. The next morning is when i realised the miracle, my pain had completely disappeared. Anupa with her special healing powers had healed me, therefore I would highly recommend this powerful experience.


The perfect end to a long week. I came away from the Reiki session with Anupa feeling revived, relaxed and reconnected. I woke up at the end of the session feeling as though I had been sleeping for days (and with 2 young children that is not something I often feel any more!). I felt rejuvenated and slept better that evening than I had done in months. I would highly recommend everyone to try.


I feel aware and relaxed right now. Thank you for an enlightening and powerful session! Xx


Hi Anupa, I am pleased to hear that plus I can think clearly now and plus more energy especially on my feet!


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