Reiki Level 1 February 2024

Reiki Level 1
Reiki Level 1 Course February 2024

Who can learn how to channel Reiki?

ANYONE!  People of all ages and stages in their life can learn Reiki.

Do you need special healing or psychic abilities to be a Reiki healer?

NOT AT ALL.  You just need to be YOU and OPEN to this beautiful and natural Japanese healing technique.

How can being a Reiki channel help me?

IN SO MANY WONDERFUL WAYS.  Reiki connects you to your own innate healing ability.  You experience a complete cleansing of old thoughts, emotions, experiences and limiting beliefs.  It is EMPOWERING – strengthening your self-esteem, your core grounding as well as helps boost your immune system. CALL ME FOR MORE DETAILS.

Who can benefit from learning Reiki?

EVERYONE!  Children, Teenagers, Adults, Elderly.

What do you learn in a typical Reiki Level 1 Course?

History of Reiki.  Theory. The different uses of Reiki.  Self-healing techniques.  Hands-on healing techniques.

How long is the Reiki Level 1 Course?

1 full day in-person and 1 2-hour online introduction.

Do you receive a certificate?

YES you do.  You receive a certificate after each level training – Usui Ryoho Reiki –  once you have completed the course and have had ample practice hours – facilitated also by Reiki share groups.  The Certificate is recognised by all Reiki organizations around the world.

What is the cost of Reiki Level 1 Course?

£195  I’m interested

What do you learn in a typical Reiki Level II Course?

The Reiki Symbols which increases the Reiki I energy by many fold.  You learn how to ‘send’ distant Reiki to anyone and anything anywhere in the World.

How long is the Reiki Level II Course?

2 full days in person.  Or 2 x ½ days LIVE online teaching and 1 full-day in-person.

What is the cost of a Reiki Level II Course?




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