Vibrating High

Vibrating High When I explain what I do and the impact of it – this is how I begin – ‘Our thoughts are energy.  Our thoughts vibrate through our cells and into every part of our body.  A negative [...]

The Emotional Pendulum

The Emotional Pendulum Have you felt that recently you are swinging from one emotion to the other – and your mind is either trying to play catch-up or trying to rationalise the extremes? I have [...]

New Beginnings in Autumn…

New Beginnings in Autumn As a child I used to think that January 1st every year was the only time for new beginnings and the best time to set goals and make resolutions. Through my 20’s I added [...]

Detach or Attach

  Detach and Attach So often we hear the term ‘detach’ in the context of experiencing pain or unpleasantness in a situation or in life. So often the term ‘detach’ is misinterpreted.  We [...]

Distant Reiki Healing

It’s only the beginning of winter with temperatures in the single digits and thin layers of ice on wind shields. The days are shorter with evenings creeping up on us sooner than we like. [...]

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