Detach or Attach

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Detach and Attach

So often we hear the term ‘detach’ in the context of experiencing pain or unpleasantness in a situation or in life.

So often the term ‘detach’ is misinterpreted.  We understand it to mean ‘detaching’ from our loved ones or ‘detaching’ from our roles we play or from our duties.


What is ‘Detaching’?

The real essence of ‘detaching’ is to ‘step out’ and see things from an external, un-involved position.  To virtually step-out of the situation or our thoughts and silently observe what is unfolding in front of us.  This gives us a clearer, ‘unattached’ view of what is really happening; what we are really feeling; what we are truly experiencing.

‘Detach’ is also used to ‘remove’ yourself from the outcome of your actions.  We get so emotionally involved in our actions and are constantly seeking acknowledgement, approval and praise.  And when we fail to receive these, we experience a plummet in our self-esteem and experience sadness and sometimes mild depression.

In order to do your ultimate best in anything that you do, it is important to detach yourself from your own actions.  Have faith in what you are doing and in the ‘intention’ of your action and know that you are doing it for all the right reasons – e.g. – building, creating, working, giving, etc. and just allow it to flow.  Once you’ve done what you’ve needed to do, step away from it and allow your intention to follow through and allow the recipient or the project to absorb all that you have put in to it.  Move on and carry on with your other duties and goals.  Don’t wait for the acknowledgement & accolades.  These are the reasons why:

  1. You put in all your effort and all the right intentions into your actions. The result in itself will be your reward.  If unsuccessful, it will be your lesson to do it better or differently the next time.  Win.
  2. If there is a human recipient of your actions – understand that they are human. They are ‘attached’ to their own emotions and expectations.  They may not be aligned with yours and hence may not respond in the way in which you would expect.

You did/gave your best – opened your heart .  They received your best.  Let it go. Win. Win.


Wishing you peace, joy and happiness in your heart and your mind always.



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