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Children's Guided Meditation - Family Time

Guided Meditation for Children Tuesday 4th August @ 7:00p.m. LIVE ON FB

This is also a part of a series of Children’s events on the KidsClub on Ugenie – Event Partner.

Guided Meditation for Children aged 6-10.  A beautiful journey to find Peace, Self-Love, Balance, Confidence.

A fantastic opportunity of children and parents together to be guided into a soulful and playful experience.

April 2020 – Bina

‘…especially during these lockdown days my kids (12 & 9) are struggling to relax and switch off before bedtime – and I have tirelessly tried different methods and apps to try and help my kids switch off.  My daughter would say, ‘I just don’t feel tired mummy and I can’t fall asleep.’  One evening Anupa did a guided meditation for the kids via a FaceTime call.  Although apprehensive at first, they went with the flow… the meditation was short and sweet, just the perfect amount of time to hold their attention…Anupa has a magical way with kids, her voice is so relaxing.  A few days later, the kids asked to do it again!!’ 

The Holistic Hub Events

Stay tuned for dates and times on Guided Meditations at The Hub – Meera’s Made From Scratch -Event Partner

August (TBC) : 8:30 p.m. on Zoom at The Hub

£20 PP for a gorgeous 30 minute journey into Bliss, Happiness, Peace, and Energy!

November 2019 – Bhavna Barratt

‘Anupa is an incredible woman, she has abundant knowledge when it comes to visualisation and guided meditation. I booked her for my first business retreat for women last year and she was fantastic. Everyone loved her and her session on visualising your future self was so so good! I highly recommend Anupa. She is not only great at what she does but she’s really warm, friendly and approachable xxx.

Balance Your Emotional Health with Ayurveda and Reiki

Explore your Sexuality and its impact on Creativity, Communication and Connections

Online August 6, 13, 20

                                                                            3-Week Course £99

                                                Early Bird Offer if you book by Monday July 27 £75

Use Code: Early75

Ayurveda & ReikiAre you curious to know how Ayurveda works and what your Dosha is?⁠

Would you like to learn how you can use the Principles of Reiki to raise your energy vibration?⁠

Dr. Ashish Paul  and I are back in August with our 3-week Introductory Course on Reiki and Ayurveda – Balancing your Emotional Health.⁠
Dr. Ashish Paul – Event Partner


Exploring Your Sexuality and it’s impact on your Creativity, Communication & Connections.

About this Event

Your sexual energy is the main source of energy and force of life within you. It is primal and involved in all aspects of your life.

Anupa and Dr Ashish will be focussing on three aspects where your sexuality is affecting you:

Creativity – what happens when your creative expression is blocked.

Communication – what happens when you are not able to voice your thoughts.

Connections – what happens to your relationships.

Anupa and Dr Ashish will be sharing their wisdom of Reiki and Ayurveda. Both Reiki and Ayurveda can support you to explore your sexuality and release any blockages.

You can learn tips and techniques from Energy medicine -Reiki and Natural Medicine -Ayurveda


December 2019 – Victoria

‘I experienced an intro course to Reiki with Anupa about balancing yourself, via an online webinar over 3 weeks. I found the content inspiring, eye opening & a great way to discover more about each of these areas & how they might support me in my hectic everyday life as an entrepreneur & mum. Although I am a beginner, I found the way she explained the approaches simple & clear, and I particularly like having access to the video afterwards so I could practise. Highly recommended, particularly if you are new to reiki, and are curious to learn more.’

Group Celebrations and Bonding Events



Ideal for Birthday CBRIDAL SHOWERS & BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS BRIDAL SHOWERS & BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONSelebrations, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Family Day and Corporate Bonding.

Contact me directly for live parties – in better times.




Kindergifts – Event Partner

June 11, 2020 – Fiona

‘I experienced the most most beautiful meditation session with Anupa. It was a guided visualisation which really took me to a lovely place of calm and reflection. I am someone who in the past has found mediation difficult; Anupa made it so easy for me to let go of intrusive thoughts and explore my inner self and to just be. Afterwards I felt physically better. I found that a huge tension had been lifted from my shoulders and there was a wonderful feeling of space there. I would thoroughly recommend.’

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