New Beginnings in Autumn…

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New Beginnings in Autumn

As a child I used to think that January 1st every year was the only time for new beginnings and the best time to set goals and make resolutions.
Through my 20’s I added my birthday as a time to begin new activities, set new goals and foster my aspirations or even use my birthday as deadline to achieve certain desires.
After having children who are now in school, September has somehow turned in to the beginning of a new year for me. I realise now that I set my personal goals and my business goals based on the school year. I even use a school year diary instead of one starting in January!

In observing this I’m grateful my birthday is in August which unofficially then marks the ‘end’ of a year for me by bringing back my birthday as a ‘soft’ deadline and the end of summer holidays becoming my ‘hard’ deadline!

At the moment this system seems to work for me as I feel more synchronised with my children. We begin our new phases together in September so eager to see what is in store for us in Autumn.

It perhaps is no coincidence that the Hindu Festival – Ganesh Chaturthi – the birth of Lord Ganesha – also falls at the end of summer/beginning of Autumn. Ganesha’s blessings are always sought when one embarks on a new journey in life or moves into a new home. Another reason to feel synchronised!

Autumn has also always been a poignant time of the year for me as that’s when all my favourite festivals are. Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They roll back-to-back giving me loads of momentum once MY NEW YEAR in September begins!
So here I am… first day of school… first full day of work after a rejuvenating break setting my goals for the coming season and year. Excited to see how things unfold for me, for us as a family. Eager to launch my new services for this season.

How do you feel about September? About Autumn? About this beautiful and colourful time of year?

Happy Autumn and Happy New Beginnings!

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