The Emotional Pendulum

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The Emotional Pendulum

Have you felt that recently you are swinging from one emotion to the other – and your mind is either trying to play catch-up or trying to rationalise the extremes?

I have to admit that as rational, grounded and balanced as I am, recently I’ve been swinging from great optimism and high productivity to moments of slight overwhelm and uncertainty.  Well… it is the current times we live in when everything seems so unpredictable.  Change is rapid especially with constant updates on the spread of COVID-19 and the updates on the necessary precautions to be taking.

Planning ability

Can you plan anything a month down the road?  Should you take life day by day?  Or will you miss out on an opportunity if you don’t act fast and plan ahead?  Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations are some of the high points in our lives that we look forward and they need forward planning.

If you have embraced the situation – gracefully or not – then you can make it through happily .  The definition of ‘happy’ is subjective, I know.  ‘Happy’ is also a choice we can consciously make.

This current time I feel is the time we all need to take a few steps back and re-evaluate what the essence of our life is and what the nature of what makes us happy is.  It’s also the most appropriate time to re-jig things around to allow us to go with the flow.

Making you ‘tick’

Once you take this time out and understand what really makes you ‘tick’ in your heart and what really satisfies your mind… you will be in a strong place to plan your life but plan it with less rigidity.

For me – my true nature is content with these simple aspects – family, good health, friends like family, comfortable bed, masala chai, hugs, music, being close to any element of nature and my faith in a higher source.  If all of the above stays in good stead and I have access to them – then I know I have everything I could ever ask for.


It’s not always easy to identify what matters because we are too ‘busy’ mentally and physically trying to achieve a number of things.  Hence the reason and necessity for meditation.  I have been meditating for almost 2 years now and I can not emphasize enough how much mental space this has opened up and how much more grounded and rooted I feel.  I’ve become more resilient and with  my own strong resolves – I’m still able to go with the flow.

In my upcoming blogs – I will share more about meditation and how accessible it is to even the most perceived ‘busy and restless’ minds!




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