Reiki is a simple and natural healing method that strengthens one’s
own vital force similar to yoga, acupuncture and meditation but
in its own gentle and unique way.
In my Guided Visualisation group sessions we do some amazing
work that leaves you peaceful, invigorated, calm and recharged.
Bridal Showers & Birthday Celebrations are very poignant
moments in a girl's life. Embark on your new journey with
clarity, equipoise, love and openness.
Coaching to take ownership of your life and bring out the
Optimum YOU to live an Optimum LIFE!
Helping organisations ‘take care’ of their team’s wellbeing.
A healthy mind, body and spirit is key to self-success and

Welcome to All in Sync with Anupa

At All in Sync with Anupa my goal is to bring you in touch with your ‘optimum’ self. I facilitate this relationship through synchronising you to your own rhythm of health, love, compassion and clarity to live a liberated, empowered and happy life.

With years of experience and expertise in energy healing and neuro linguistic programming I am able to assist you with creating positive belief patterns, clearing internal blocks enabling you to live with self-awareness, being present, conscious and living with clarity.

My Coaching, Group Workshops and Reiki Services are available in London and North London.

I look forward to helping you experience your BEST life yet!


  • Anupa, thank you very much for inviting me to your session. Your Guided visualization with Reiki was amazing and so relaxing. You took me to such a peaceful place. Thank you

  • Dear Anupa, thank you so much having me at your wonderful session. I absolutely loved it!!!

  • I feel aware and relaxed right now. Thank you for an enlightening and powerful session! Xx

  • Hi Anupa, I am pleased to hear that plus I can think clearly now and plus more energy especially on my feet!


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