Experience the transformative power and positivity of guided meditation.


Guided meditation sessions help reconnect you with your inner powerful self, bringing you balance, clarity and inner healing.

  • Feel peaceful yet invigorated
  • Calm yet recharged
  • Clear yet excited
  • Liberated from all that has held you back.

We live in a busy world where stress and anxiety abound. It so easy for us to succumb to the noise and fear, loosing ourselves with both our mental and physical health suffering as a result. This impacts not only on our wellbeing but also on our work and more importantly our relationships, be they marital, family or friends.

I invite you to take some time out an experience a guided meditation journey with me. Immerse yourself in some precious time and space, reconnect and recharge, making your wellbeing as the priority it deserves to be.

Choose the experience that sounds best suited to you and book below.

Book your 30 min online session below to enjoy in the comfort of your home or workspace.


Book your 60 min session at the North Finchley or St John’s Wood London studios. (Group sessions for 6 to 10 people)

(Covid restrictions permitting)

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