Vibrating High

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Vibrating High

When I explain what I do and the impact of it – this is how I begin – ‘Our thoughts are energy.  Our thoughts vibrate through our cells and into every part of our body.  A negative thought is carried through every part of our body – a positive thought is carried all through your body.  This then determines the energy frequency that you vibrate on.  High and positive?  Low and negative?

Every single one of us has the ability to control how and what we think which then helps us control what vibrational level you are on.

How do you control your thoughts?

Notice them.  Notice what you are thinking and then notice how you are reacting – both internally and externally.  What is that thought doing to your body language?  How does it impact the words and the tone you use when you speak.


The first step to change is recognising what is.  What requires change.  What would you change it with?

So then, the next step after recognizing the thought and the reaction is to think about what you would like to swap it out for.  What would you have liked to think instead?  How would you like to feel with that thought?  How would you like your words, tone and body express your thoughts?

Keep a journal and write down in the first instance the negative thought/emotion/reaction you had.  Then beside it, write how you think it should be.  And then…. Put it into action.  Notice. Change.  Repeat.

Now notice how you feel?  How you’re vibrating?  Empowered?  Calm?  Positive?  Pleasant?

  1. Notice your thoughts.
  2. Write them down.
  3. Swap it for a thought you think is better.
  4. Write it down.
  5. Repeat
  6. Vibrate high!

I have broken it down to make it accessible.  Try this in small steps with smaller thoughts first.  Baby steps.

If you would like more guidance with this – call or text me!

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