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I was introduced to Anupa through a very good friend of mine, yes I sceptical at first but after hearing my friend talk about her, I knew I had to give her a call.

Anupa is professional and very knowledgeable, she was kind and I was instantly drawn to her as soon as I spoke with her, she had a soothing calm voice and I felt i could open up to her without even thinking about it, which doesnt happen very often. When I met her I was welcomed with a huge hug. Her studio was pleasant, clean and very welcoming not to mention peaceful and calm.

I went to see Anupa for a number of reasons, I was at a very low point in my life, I felt I had a lot to offer but felt trapped and couldn’t move forward even if I tried, I was in this bubble that I couldnt step out of and everytime I questioned it, I just never had the answers. Id been through a number tough challenges in life which I thought I’d dealt with, and that in time things would sort itself out. However that time, I felt still hadnt come and years were passing and I felt like I was being left behind in life, and everyone around me was moving ahead of me. I felt annoyed and angry with myself in not being able you push myself and keep motivated. At this point I knew this was my turning point as I started to get depressed. Its the worst feeling when you dont know why you feel the way you do. It was always easier for people to say move on or accept it, but it wasnt as easy as that.

It was only when I had a reiki healing session with Anupa that it all started to make sense. Anupa took time to talk to me before and after the session, which helped me understand the process and what the healing therapy was all about.

I had a number of sessions with her. Face to Face and over the phone. Yes you can have a Reiki healing session over the phone at first I was a little sceptical, however after Anupa explained how the phone sessions worked, I was put at ease, and words cant not describe how I felt whilst going through these sessions, its an unbelievable feeling of relief, and feeling like you’ve been cured not to mention, the cells in the body releasing energy and the whole body is detoxify from all those emotions you’ve held onto for years, along with shed loads of tears. ?

After these sessions, there was something that had lifted inside of me, I felt lighter like a tonne of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders, at the same time i was drained but that was normal as the body was detoxifying from all the emotions that were suppressed. I felt at peace and calm and felt i was in touch with my inner self and i could finally see clearer.  Anupa energised my chakras and I felt like a new person, I am happier within myself and certainly feel, I can now move forward.

Anupa is big on affirmation, and I agree with her, keeping postive messages around you and saying them daily, will help you along the way.

On this note I’d like to say I highly recommended Anupa, she has something special about her, and she always made time to fit me in around my schedule. I always got follow up call day after my sessions to see how i was getting on, along with articles, and websites to help me understand more about Reiki as I for one am very inquisitive ? Give her a call you wont regret it ☺ 

 I had the following treatments : Relationship and Child Years healing, Full body Reiki and Chakra Healing.

Thank you so much Anupa x

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