Rainbows, Reiki and Rennaisance

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How would you feel if you saw a bright and complete rainbow on a rainy day? Would it make you smile? Would it bring a spring to your step? Would you be excited and want to share it with everyone around you? That’s what my little ones did on Saturday afternoon. They saw this beautiful, bright rainbow… actually – a double rainbow – and couldn’t stop squealing and pulled everyone out of the house to see it. The innocence of children. The beauty of nature. The combination – bliss.

This is how you feel after a few Reiki sessions. You reconnect to the innocence and the child in you. You feel lighter, you feel energised, you want to share this positive energy, you see the colour all around you.

The colours of the Rainbow correspond to the colours of your Chakras. As each Chakra gets balanced, you gain clarity. Your grey areas are all of a sudden bright and colourful. Isn’t nature so powerful and beautiful?

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