Bridal Showers & Birthday Celebrations

Bridal Showers & Birthday Celebrations are very poignant moments in a girl’s life.

Marriage and Birthdays mark a new beginning or a new chapter in one’s life.  Getting married is definitely exciting and yet can be daunting.  Celebrating birthdays especially milestone birthdays are fun but sometimes approached with some trepidation.

Treat the bride, the birthday girl and girlfriends to a group guided-visualisation session which opens the mind and the heart to positive experiences.  Creating and manifesting a joyful life is a priceless gift!

The experience is an hour of embarking on a visual journey to open yourself to self-love, and to a higher love;  to wonderful experiences.  Visualise yourself in this amazing role and journey you are about to embark on.

These sessions have a very powerful impact on the bride, the birthday girl as well as her friends because of the intensity of the energy that flows through this experience is unmatched.

First of all the group is lead through a peaceful journey which results in release of any inhibitions.  As a result, this makes space within oneself for Love, for Peace, for Joy, for Balance.  As a result they emerge energetic, recharged, grounded, stable and optimistic.

Packages are offered for groups of 4-12 girls and include guided-visualisations & bespoke party favours.

Any North London or North West London Venue – a home, a yoga studio, a park depending on your space, availability and budget.

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