Learn to breathe?? Say what??

Don’t we already breathe…naturally??

So what’s all this hype about Breathwork?

If you notice how a baby breathes… you will notice how rhythmic, deep and peaceful.  And this is how we all started.

Long, deep, beautiful breaths in and long, slow, relaxed breaths out.  Effective breathing is through the nostrils – the IN breath and the OUT breath are through the nostrils.

Breath Observation

Now, without any judgement – take a minute to notice your own breathing pattern… NO judgement, DO NOT adjust.  Just Observe.  Stay with it for a good 10 rounds of inhalation and exhalation.

What did you notice?  Were you breathing through your nostrils or your mouth?  Or a combination?

How deep did you breathe?  To your chest? Lower to your stomach? Deeper to your abdomen?

Breathwork/Pranayama Classes

During breathwork classes, known as Pranayama‘prana’ means your vital force energy – breath, and ‘yama’ – control of your breath, you will re-learn how to breathe efficiently, through your nostrils, nice and deep.  Moreover, you will learn how to make it a ‘normal’ routine through daily practice.

You will be guided through many techniques of mindful breathing, yogic breathing and other techniques that will help reduce insomnia, clear your mind, stimulate the right and left sides of your brain, reduce your anxiety.

A ‘normal’ breath will ensure you take in the appropriate amount of air into your lungs for the optimal amount of Oxygen to travel through your blood cells and the right amount of CO2 to be released.  Each breath you take, and the quality of your breath determines how your organs function and ultimately the state of your overall wellbeing. Mentally, physically, physiologically.

When the lungs are filled to capacity, they are allowed to do their job effectively; the oxygen then flows through to your heart which results in your heart to function optimally – sending oxygenated blood through your body, which then steadily returns the de-oxygenated blood back to the lungs and releases the CO2 in the next exhale.  Due to this process, we maintain a ‘well’ state of being; resulting in a body and mind filled with energy, balance, and stability.

And this is why you ‘learn to breathe’ again!­­­­

Benefits of Pranayama

Pranayama activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which stimulates your body to rest, rejuvenate and regenerate efficiently.  And through this process, high levels of anxiety are reduced, stress is managed, and your mood is elevated!

For those who think that this is another ‘fad’ – I encourage you to re-think!

Pranayama enhances the practice of Yoga and of Meditation (dhayana).  Controlling the breath and having a steady inhale and exhale helps power through an effective yoga practice helping you strengthen the asanas, and then you transition into the seat of meditation, with a clear and single-pointed focus.

Pranayama is what ties Yoga asanas and Meditation yoga together.  These three limbs of Yoga are very closely intertwined to create the alignment of mind and body.

It It is here to stay – with you – in your daily wellbeing-practice.

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