How does Reiki Healing support Fertility ?

The term ‘unexplained infertility’ is very misguiding and has left couples on the family-planning journey lost and confused.

More often than none, the ‘unexplained’ part is the impact stress has on the body.  This is when no other medical conditions have been discovered.

We are in constant state of ‘fight or flight’ which tenses our body from within.  This tension negatively impacts our organs and are ‘inner-state’, and so the body, automatically protects itself and does not allow the creation of yet another cause that can impact it.  This  has an effect on both, men and women.

Whether it is the thought of getting pregnant, or missed pregnancies that stress the body, work stress; life and societal pressures; family worries; they all are responsible for creating that inner climate of unease and rigidity.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural modality of healing the energy that flows through our entire being.  It is the very energy all around us as well.  The vital force energy that keeps us alive.

Energy that doesn’t flow optimally through our body due to stress, injury, experiences, illnesses etc. needs to be cleared and regulated so that it can flow naturally within us.

Reiki has helped stuck, stagnant or negative energy release, creating space for vital energy to flow smoothly.

Fear and past experience we choose to block are released with Reiki.

Reiki helps relax the organs, the nervous systems and balance us from within.

The Results of Reiki Healing

Healing emotionally, mentally, physically and physiologically – a complete inner healing – is the effect of a course Reiki healing.

Once the healing and release is complete, the body is once again, a pure, safe, strong and nurturing environment.  As a result, it is ready and open to natural or assisted fertility.

Reiki helps set that wonderful space for a potential and successful pregnancy.

It is recommended that both partners receive the first Reiki healing; in order to cleanse and calm both individuals on the journey of family planning.  Following this, a course of Reiki sessions are then carried through on the ‘mother-to-be’.

Due to it’s nature, Reiki is not required to work around the ovulation cycle and can be had any time, however, a nice and nurturing protocol is followed should one be undergoing IVF treatments.

I can’t think of a more rewarding experience than when  my clients send me photos of their much-awaited little ones. 😊

In the words of one of my clients:

‘After years of unexplained infertility and nearly 3 years of IVF failures, I m pregnant naturally.  I do really believe you put me on the right rack to change my mindset and elevate myself.  It has not been easy all the time but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ – happy mama


Reiki & Fertlity

Reiki - Ferttility support
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