Distant Reiki was developed at the same time as the practice itself was developed. Reiki healing can be given when a client is not in the same space as the practitioner. It is set up very much like an appointment with a specific time, and is the process of sending Reiki healing to someone who is in another location, through knowing the name of the person that needs healing, or using a photo of them, with the intention of enabling wellbeing.

A brief phone discussion takes place at the beginning of the appointment as to what the recipient wishes to achieve through the healing.  There is a debrief after each session to discuss how it went. The recipient creates their own serene environment in a peaceful space if possible, listening to soothing music with calm lighting.

I asks the recipient to accept Reiki just before healing commences, and I provide them with a customised affirmation to repeat during the session which is then carried out off-line.  I will text you once the session is complete.

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